Steven Moffat Promises Unbroken Runs Of Doctor Who For Both This Year And Next

steven moffatSpeaking to Doctor Who Magazine, which I don't have to hand but has been quoted across more or less the entire UK online press this evening, Steven Moffat has stated that both this year and next year will see unbroken, "traditional" runs of Doctor Who.

Here's the oft repeated quote:

We're not going to do splits [in series eight], and the same format will repeat exactly the following year like that – so it will be the traditional form.

Of course, the "unbroken" bit doesn't mean there won't be Christmas specials. Or, you know, if they had some other special they wanted to stick on the calendar somewhere. Perhaps. Maybe.

Elsewhere in the same interview, Moffat apparently says that this year's unbroken run kicks off "in the summer."

Filming continues on the first production block for this year's episodes. It really can't be long until the BBC toss out an official image of Peter Capaldi's new costume.