Steven Moffat Says Doctor Who Finale Will Leave Fans "A Tiny Bit Devastated"

hellbentEver the pitchman, Doctor Who executive producer, head writer and creative grand poobah Steven Moffat tells Entertainment Weekly that tomorrow's season finale, "Hell Bent," will leave viewers "hopefully satisfied, and pleased, and a tiny bit devastated."

He also sang the praises of director Rachel Talaly, who helmed star Peter Capaldi's one-man show in last week's episode, "Heaven Sent," as well as this week's conclusion. From the moodiness of that episode to the epic scale of the upcoming show, Moffat says she has "a tremendous range as a director, covering all of that."

The finale sees the Doctor finally returning home to Gallifrey with guest stars Maisie Williams, Donald Sumpter, and Clare Higgins all asking how far the Doctor will go and who or what is the Hybrid.