Steven Soderbergh's Spy Actioner Haywire Is Out This Weekend?!?! – UPDATED

Steven Soderbergh's Spy Actioner Haywire Is Out This Weekend?!?! – UPDATEDHaywire, previously known as Knockout, is a globe-trotting spy picture that stars MMA superstar Gina Carano in her first movie role, and also has roles for Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid, Antonio Banderas, Bill Paxton and Channing Tatum.

When the film was first announced, there was some talk that director Steven Soderbergh was taking the project on as a kind of retort to the Bond producers at EON who had previously courted him to direct a film in their franchise, only to then reject his every idea. Other people have said that Lem Dobbs' script reads more like a Bourne film, but with a female lead.

As far as we knew, the film was set for a straight-forward release across the States in January but it looks like, actually, it's hitting screens this weekend – ahead of any trailer, of any stills, or even any poster, no matter how vague and teasery. Indeed, if there's a single bit of Haywire marketing out there, I haven't seen it.

The catch is, the film appears to be playing in only one cinema, the AMC Empire in Manhattan. There's a listing on MovieTickets.Com, as spotted by Jeff Wells, and you can buy tickets now. Will some of you please do that? And report straight back when you've see the film? We'll love you forever if you do.

This week-long run is almost all the film needs to qualify for Oscar consideration. If that is indeed the idea (and I don't think that really makes sense, though I'm yet to come up with a better explanation) there will need to be similar screenings in LA before the end of the year too.

UPDATE: Relativity Media's PR department have been in touch to say this isn't happening and that the listing was the result of some kind of computer error. But which kind? There was no fault in Wells' reporting – he saw the listing, and passed it on in good faith. I don't know about this being a shadow with no substance to it at all; the film was entered into the system by a human at some point, and since the name change from Knockout too. My suspicion is that we're seeing the vestige of an old, cancelled release plan…