Surprise Guardians Of The Galaxy And Thor 2 Connection Revealed? Sounds Like It

I do love Jan Gilbert and her Flicks and the City videos. Here's an interview she did recently with Clive Russell, alum of Neverwhere, Game of Thrones and now, the Marvel Movieverse.

Russell will be appearing in Thor: The Dark World, playing Tyr, the Asgardian God. We don't know much of what he'll have to do, but judging from his comments in this interview, he's somehow tied up in a crossover scene between Thor and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

Jump to 2:15 for the smoking gun.


He said:

I worked with Benicio Del Toro on a scene in which he was meant to be quite angry. Sitting fifteen feet away I couldn't hear a word he was saying.

Del Toro recently signed up for a multiple movie deal with Marvel, and it seems like Thor 2 will be the first of those out of the gate. According to pretty substantial-seeming rumours, though not yet anything official, his role is that of The Collector, ancient, monomaniacal horder.

UPDATE: I just remembered The Wolfman. I'm not even going to go in the forum and find out how I've been ripped limb from limb for that dumb oversight. Sorry.