Sylvester Stallone Thanks Creed Director Ryan Coogler For Oscar Nod

stalloneThough actor Sylvester Stallone forgot to thank Creed writer and director Ryan Coogler during the Golden Globes telecast on Sunday, he was quick to thank him when The Hollywood Reporter asked him about receiving a a best supporting actor nomination today for his role in the film.

"I think Ryan Coogler is a brilliant director," said Stallone. "I know I forgot to mention him at the Golden Globes and I've been flogging myself over that. I think what he did to overcome, 'Oh, it's another Rocky film' and create his own entity within a Rocky world is amazing."

Stallone was nominated for best actor in the original Rocky film thirty-nine years ago. Stallone reflected on that first experience, saying. "I didn't realize how special it was back in 1977 because I was really green and naive."