Taylor Swift Is… Joni Mitchell? I Don't See It

Taylor Swift Is… Joni Mitchell? I Don't See ItKatie Jacobs was one of the chief creative forces behind House, serving as executive producer and cutting her directorial teeth on a nice handful of episodes, and the Nurse Jeffrey online spin-off. For her feature debut she's set to direct Girls Like Us, a John Sayles-scripted biopic of Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, and, my absolute favourite, Carole King.

While auditions for the roles of Simon and King have been ongoing for a good long time now – Variety say Alison Pill audition for King, and I could certainly swing with that – Jacobs and co. have been sticking with the same number one choice for Joni Mitchell, and that's Taylor Swift.

Harumph. Swift did some voice work in The Lorax, which I haven't seen, but appeared on screen in Valentine's Day and, well, it was the kind of performance that film deserved.

Taylor Swift as Joni Mitchell? I'm scratching my head.

But I'm a big House fan, love Mitchell, Simon and King, think John Sayles is one of the all-time great screenwriters and should, really then, just give this casting a chance.

Kudos to Crazy Days and Nights who tagged Swift as being set up for this film way back in February, beating Variety by over two months.