The Coen Brothers Next Movie Is Hail Caesar


We've suspected as much for a while, but now Deadline confirms that the Coen Brothers' next film will indeed be Hail Caesar, which is not exactly a sword and sandal Roman epic, but had one point been reported to be about Hollywood trying to make a sword-and-sandal Roman epic.

The trade reports the storyline may have changed somewhat, and will now follow a guy named Eddie Mannix, though it's unclear if it's based on the real person, who was a Hollywood executive and "fixer," protecting the squeaky clean image of celebrities while they partied and partook in illegal activities behind closed doors. A troubled production on an ancient Rome film could certainly still play into this plot.

It's unclear if George Clooney is still on board to play the lead role, or really, if the lead role is even still the same one it had been all those years ago.

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