The CW To Bring The Lost Boys To TV With iZombie's Rob Thomas


Somebody call the Frog brothers.

Deadline reports that The CW will be developing a series based on The Lost Boys. And to sweeten the deal, Veronica Mars and iZombie's Rob Thomas will be part of the team bringing the film to TV and writing the pilot.

The plan is to create more of an anthology series with each season telling a different story in a different decade. The first year will be set in 1967 San Francisco with only the Lost Boys themselves returning should the show continue. Human characters, setting and what the site refers to as "antagonists" will change.

The project is envisioned to replace the networks' long-running The Vampire Diaries, which will wrap up after this upcoming season.

Converting the film's premise to an anthology — of sorts — sets it apart from other CW shows, which tend for a serialized story across five, eight or twelve seasons. In fact, that may be the most interesting aspect of the project thus far.

Although, with an upcoming fall season featuring a number of film-to-TV conversions, I wonder if the energy will be there to sustain development it if Lethal Weapon or The Exorcist fail.