The Force Awakens Breaks Weekend Box Office Records And Other Tales Of The Star Wars

Though final numbers are not yet available, it appears Star Wars: The Force Awakens has broken the worldwide box office opening weekend record set by Jurassic World last summer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the current estimate sets the film's earnings at $528 million, just a few million ahead of the Jurassic opening total of $524.9 million. But for those interested in the comparison, the new Star Wars film did not break the dinosaur sequel's international $316 million opening record.

Meanwhile, star John Boyega spent part of the weekend surprising people at London-area theaters:

There are also one or two spoilery tales as people want to talk about the movie more openly now. For one, co-star Oscar Isaac revealed to GQ that ace pilot Poe Dameron initially had a very different fate when he first met with director J.J. Abrams. By the time Isaac agreed to play the part, Abrams had revised the story to the actor's relief.

The actor also provided GQ with his Force Awakens acoustic version of Bill Murray's lounge act Star Wars lyrics:


And lastly, Abrams and screenwriters Michael Arndt and Lawrence Kasdan discussed some of the abandoned plot ideas and workings of the story at a Q&A on Saturday, with Entertainment Weekly picking up on the threads of R2-D2's emotional state in The Force Awakens and an early idea to hunt for Darth Vader's remains.