The Grand Budapest Hotel Director Wes Anderson Ponders The Horror Film

wesandersonDuring a recent talk at the Rome Film Festival, The Grand Budapest Hotel director Wes Anderson said he has considered making a horror movie. "Horror is an area where if[sic] a filmmaker really wants to use all the tricks, the techniques to affect your emotions," he said in response to an audience question on the topic, according to Filmmmaker Magazine. Though he has no specific plans to make one any time soon, he is fascinated by the formal concerns and conceits of the genre.

"When you make a horror or a thriller, you say you're supposed to be scared here. You're supposed to be relieved here," he said. "Here we're explaining something so you know the next part so you'll be more scared then. I like the idea of the requirements and the obligations of working in a genre like that. I've done some scenes like that, but I'd like to do a scary movie."

Anderson said he has also considered a Christmas film because, "you can make a huge fortune" from their annual return in broadcast and home video channels.