The Hunger Games Motion Poster – UPDATED With Still One Too

The motion poster is a peculiar thing. Maybe it will one day replace many normal posters in the corridors of cinemas across the world, but until we're all living in Minority Report (yeuch) the best and probably only place to see a motion poster is on the internet.

Yahoo have one for The Hunger Games, featuring the books' central mockinjay pin being born out of flames. They haven't made it embeddable. I don't know why. Maybe it's because the trillions of Hunger Games faithful* are these days more inclined to just share links on Facebook than to post things to… crippens, Live Journal or something?

This publicity release was probably timed to answer the trembling inner doubts of many youngsters in the week that Harry Potter finally concluded. As such, I expect the first trailer for the film will be attached to Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

I've got high hopes for this film. Gary Ross is a fine, fine writer and director.

UPDATE: And here's a still poster from the film's Facebook Page.

*Do they have a nickname? Hunger Gamers seems like a reasonable guess.