The Massive Spoiler At The Heart Of Misfits Season 4

There are spoilers here for the first episode of Misfits Series 4. If you have not seen the episode in question, stop now. You will regret it otherwise. Seriously. If you're in the UK, go here now.

The Massive Spoiler At The Heart Of Misfits Season 4

The new episode of the new series/season of Misfits aired in the UK last night. It should be available in the US and Canada on Hulu very shortly.

All of the original characters, save for Curtis, have now been replaced. Never since Skins has a show undergone such a large cast change overnight. Some characters were killed last year, some actors were found guilty of racial harassment and actually had to undergo community service themselves. So we have Rudy from last series, Seth the Power Broker (with Kelly off defusing landmines in Africa… ho ho…), and new characters Finn and Jess.

Straight away, we know these two. Finn is a less creepy Simon, Jess is a less slutty Alisha. Finn is a crap telekinetic, unsure of himself, worried, a bit pathetic, worried more about getting home to see to his dog than he is even about his own life. Jess is more confident, X-Ray vision-powered, eager to take the lead, to get things done. Sorted, business as usual.

The Massive Spoiler At The Heart Of Misfits Season 4

We get a great little story with an interloper's new power disrupting the gang, so we discover them a new along with the Jess and Finn. Suddenly Rudy, Curtis and Seth are unfamiliar, this new power turning them into obsessed monsters. We get a fable, a morality tale even, about greed and the corruption of money, with a power to ramp up what is already there. And then everything goes back to normal.

And then we discover that Finn has a woman locked up at home, gagged and tied to his bed at home, who he calls Lady. And that this is the dog that he referred to. Bam! Upside the head!

The Massive Spoiler At The Heart Of Misfits Season 4

Suddenly that sweet fellow who we felt so much empathy for, is completely twisted in the last minute of the show. This was the big surprise that no one managed to properly spoil before it aired. And they achieved it brilliantly.

The Massive Spoiler At The Heart Of Misfits Season 4

It's still X-Men Meets Trainspotting. It still has the filthiest lines on television today. It reaches new levels of gruesomeness, while still maintaining a fine line in comedy at the same time. It still has great characters smashing against each other, with Rudy stealing the show left right and centre. But it seems that in Finn, he has a possible new match. And however creepy we found Simon at time, he has nothing, nothing on Finn… if only because Finn manages to keep a poker face throughout, hiding himself so thoroughly.

Bravo, Misfits. Again, for another year, something staggeringly brand new.

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