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The Merkins Slashstreet Boys Parody "I'll Kill You That Way" is the Best Thing You Will Watch Today

When perusing YouTube, sometimes you find that one video that perfectly sums you up as a person and you just want to shake the hands of the people who made it.

Enter The Merkins (clever name there guys) and their new parody video for the hottest boy band that should actually exist, the Slashstreet Boys and their mega-hit "I'll Kill You That Way". Featuring Freddy Krueger, Ghostface from Scream, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jason Voorhees, and this weekend's box office champ Michael Myers, the Slashstreet Boys are THE super group of our time. Check out the hilarious video below:

While super funny, I do have a nit to pick guys: Michael shouldn't talk! He should have just danced around that would have been hilarious! But, I get what you were going for and it completely worked. Also: kudos for the white suits and the beach shots. Superb work there. May I request a rival NYSNC band with other horror icons that they can go to war with? The Slashstreet Boys need someone to push them to greater heights! The more of these I can get the better.


If you go to their channel right here, you will see that they have more of these parody videos featuring more than just our slasher favorites. Great work everyone involved. Happy Halloween!

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