The New Magneto On The Mutant Morality Of X-Men: First Class

Today's the day that I'm bringing you all of my outstanding X-Men: First Class interview material.

I didn't personally get to speak to Michael Fassbender for long, but I did have enough time to ask him who he believed was preaching the right creed – Charles Xavier or his own character, Erik Lensherr. You may recall how the rift is dramatised in the trailer*:

Charles says:

Killing will not bring you peace.

Erik replies:

Peace was never an option.

That really only scratches the surface of the entire debate.

I asked Fassbender who he thinks is right – Charles or Erik?

That's your call. That's what interests me as an actor and also an audience member when I go to the cinema. Unfortunately nowadays, especially with big commercial films, the audience is spoon fed through the entire experience and they don't have to do any work.

I think that ideally when you go see a film you have to do a bit of work as an audience member, so when you leave the cinema or the theatre you should be having those conversations either with yourself, if you're crazy like me, or with your friends afterwards.

There should be an ambiguity, those grey areas that are interesting. I don't like when there is a villain and a hero. It's too easy for the audience.

I asked Alex Gonzalez and Jane Goldman the same thing. Everybody brought a different point of view. None of them quite agreed with me, either.

*It is sliiiiiightly different in the film.