The Prequel To A Viral Promo For A Prequel – Peter Weyland Gets Ready For His TED Talk

Prometheus is in US cinemas now and has been playing across the UK and much of the rest of the world for over a week.

But still the promotions continue, and here's the latest viral.

Seems like an outtake from the first. I certainly don't blame them for using it. Maybe I'm a mug for falling for their move and posting it.

The clip came originally from a viral site called What is 10.11.12?, as highlighted by AVP Galaxy.I assume the answer is that  release date of the Prometheus DVD and Blu-ray, though that would make it a Thursday (or a Saturday if they're using the UK date ordering).

In case you missed it the other day, I gave the heads up on a free screening of the Prometheus virals, plus a Q&A with their producer and one of the directors. Something to check out this Monday if you're in London for sure.