The Science of Inception

Are the events portrayed in the film Inception even remotely possible, in any respect? Your immediate gut answer probably depends on your interpretation of the film and how much of it you think can be taken on face value.

The New Scientist, inspired by the film, have set out to answer the following questions:

  • Is it possible to directly access someone's dreaming mind?

Short answer: Potentially.

  • How can I control my dreams?

Short answer: Train yourself.

  • Do dreams have to obey the laws of physics?

Short answer: Inconclusive. The sleeping brain clearly follows some assumptions.

  • What is the function of dreams?

Short answer: They help in information processing and memory storage.

  • How does subjective time pass in a dream?

Short answer: Nothing like in the film… but what is time, anyway?

If nothing else, the article gives them a chance to kick the film around a bit and then digress into their specialist subjects.