The Script For The Next Tintin Movie Has Just Been Finished


Peter Jackson is nearing the end of his epic Hobbit making marathon, a filmmaking odyssey that has taken him more man hours than almost any single task I've ever undertaken. The sole exception? Watching all of the supplements on the Middle Earth movie Blu-rays.

Up next, if old plans are still to be trusted, is the next Tintin movie. The Daily Mail (via The Playlist) caught up with its screenwriter, the novelist Anthony Horowitz, and he told them:

I've just finished writing the new Tintin film for Steven Spielberg.

No ambiguity there. Well, except for in respect of Spielberg's role. He's apparently just producing the next film, having handed off the reigns to Jackson after film one.

Again, that's if old plans are to be trusted.

What happens next is anybody's guess – or at least, when it happens. I'd speculate that Jackson will convene his cast for motion capture early next year and we'll be seeing Tintin back on screen in 2016. Jackson will do a better job of this than Spielberg, don't you think?