The Skyfall Team Tell Me Who's Coming Back For More In Future Bond Films

The Skyfall Team Tell Me Who's Coming Back For More In Future Bond FilmsDaniel Craig was recently reported to have signed on for two more Bond movies beyond this week's frankly superb Skyfall, and this afternoon, he confirmed it to me himself.

I'm contracted for another two and that seems to me to be a fair number, but I'm not going to make predictions because people have got to go and see the movie, and until they do go and see the movie we can't make another. I'm not going to out stay my welcome, somebody has got to come and have a crack at it.

Beyond Bond himself, though, which members of the Skyfall cast can we expect to see returning in subsequent chapters? You may consider the following to enter into spoiler territory, but only in the sense that the following actors must be playing characters who survive the events of this film if they're on the cards for a return. You may wish to read more into it, but it would be easy to make some faulty assumptions beyond the obvious, so don't get ahead of yourself…

I was speaking to Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, ongoing producers of the series, and the conversation went like this:

Bleeding Cool: Do you have Ben and Ralph signed up for multiple films?

Broccoli:  They know that they're recurring roles.

Wilson: Ben and Ralph and Naomie.

Ralph Fiennes plays a new member of MI6 called Mallory, Ben Whishaw is the new Q and Naomie Harris is a field agent called Eve that gets a couple of the best action beats, as well as a cut-throat razor to play with. I'll be very happy to see them all come back for more.

Later, I got to speak to Naomie Harris herself, and she added:

I… I am not allowed to say anything about that. I'm looking nervously around… they can say what they like, they're the producers.

So, there you go. It's exactly as you'd expect, once you've seen the film – which you really should do, this weekend in the UK, from November 8th in the US.