The Smurfs Have A Whole New Problem To Face In This Poster Of Their Butts

Here's a German poster for The Smurfs that reveals whole new problem for the wee blue men and… woman. These characters have never had to be drafted with such texture before. They've just been little graphic shapes. Now, seeing as they have to exist in live-action environs for their new feature film, they had to become hugely more complex.

So there's stitching on their clothes now, and we can get some sense of the fabric they work with. Somebody had to design Smurfette's shoes, and it seems like they went diamante crazy. And, of course, these Smurfs have skin, and hair too, which had to be planned out and "built".

It's not necessarily the case that designs which worked so well in the abstraction of graphic, colourful 2D will translate into subtle and complex CG, and I'm afraid to say, all indications at the moment are of sad mismatch in the new Smurfs.

Now. Look at Smurfette's bottom a moment. Do you think she too has a tail, tucked away under her dress?* Or is that one of the anatomical differences between her and the rest of the small blue people? Oh, the decisions the filmmakers had to wrestle with.

*There's a Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga joke in there somewhere.