The Story Of The First Reported UFO Abduction To Become A Film

grayI was utterly fascinated by UFOs and alien abductions when I was younger. I watched a lot of the early UFO shows like Overloads of the UFO and The UFO Incident, a TV Movie starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons as Barney and Betty Hill.

The Hills claimed they were abducted in 1961 and are considered the first to actually report their experiences. With their account, the notions of missing time, medical examinations and other staples of abduction encounters entered the public consciousness.

Despite the TV movie, their story seemed to disappear into the haze during the X-Files era — though parts of their story were referenced in one episode. It surprised me a feature about the Hills never occurred during the 1990s UFO craze, when movies like Communion and Fire In The Sky were getting released.

But it seems the Hills story will finally get film treatment. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials producers Gotham/Principal will produce Captured, based on the 2007 book by nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman and Betty Hill's niece Kathleen Marden.

Whether you believe aliens are visiting Earth or not, the story of an interracial couple in the 1960s — Barney a postal clerk and Betty a social worker — encountering something out in the darkness is interesting, potentially scary, and compelling. Especially if design artists can create a new take on the famous gray aliens that also become popular after the Hills' story came to light.