The Wire Alum Seth Gilliam Joining The Walking Dead Season 5

seth-gilliam AMC's The Walking Dead has added another actor from The Wire to its cast, according to THR, and started another game of "who will he play?"

Seth Gilliam, who played Ellis Carver on all five seasons of HBO's beloved gritty cop drama, will join The Walking Dead as a series regular when it returns this fall for season 5. His character has not been revealed, though the casting berakdown offers up some clues:

friendly with a puckish demeanor who also has a haunted side

…leading THR to make an "educated guess" that he could be playing Gabriel Stokes, the preacher who crosses paths with Rick and company right before they encounter the Hunters. Because zombies aren't bad enough, let's throw some cannibals in there.

Kirkman is a big fan of The Wire and Chad Coleman and Larry Gilliard Jr. are also Walking Dead regulars.

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