Third Transformers Character Poster Adds Tessa To The Bayhem

TF4_UK_Character_1-Sht_Tessa (1)

Here's the third Transformers: Age of Extinction character poster, featuring Nicola Peltz in the role of Tessa.

The stars and stripes get a look in. Not sure why, or saying that there has to be a reason, but I'd like to think Michael Bay is still smarting about losing the American Woman gig to Paul Hunter.*

A good chunk of Age of Extinction will be set in China. How long until posters for Hollywood movies flaunt the Chinese flag like this? I'm betting on 2019.

Anyway, we'll be seeing the Autobots battling Decepticons a little sooner than that. That's the UK release date of July 10th on the poster above. The US release is still set for June 27th.

*I have no idea if he was ever up for it but it seems like a good match.