This Week In Doctor Who Spoilers

A few new Doctor Who rumours have come along this week, some others have been repeated and others still have been fully confirmed. Not all of what follows will be true, necessarily, but I think it's all worth knowing about if you're at all inclined to gossip.

Let's start next week's episode, the series finale, The Name of the Doctor.

A poster to the IMDB messageboards claimed to have seen the episode and even provided images of a cinema auditorium and screen, showing what they alleged were shots from the show.

Here are the pics.

name 1 name 2 name 3

This spy went on to reveal several key details of the episode. You may prefer not to read on, but honestly, if you came right past the headline, my first paragraph and the pictures above I think it's more likely you'll skip this sentence than what follows.

So, River Song does speak the name of The Doctor. It's not heard by us, the viewers, and the image is slowed down, too. As a result, his tomb opens, and inside are "strands of the Doctors timeline and history."

The Great Intelligence walks into this and intercepts the Doctor's life at multiple points, spoiling it:

through flashbacks we see his greatest victories over the years turn into defeats and dozens of regenerations that were never meant to be

This prompts Clara to go into the timestream too, and she becomes the one who dies, over and over and over, saving him… but not always saving him. The Eleventh Doctor is still dying.

Until River sacrifices herself. It sounds like pure Moffat-logic, but River's erasure from time means she can never say his name, and so he'll live.

It's no coincidence that 'timey wimey' and 'mumbo jumo' both rhyme, is it?

But it is interesting, if it's true, because it makes this third Clara, the one we met in The Bells of Saint John, a kind of Clara Prime, the original of all of the others, and that makes it well worth while that we're spending all this time with her, and her with The Doctor.

But maybe it isn't true. At all. Because the poster has subsequently returned to admit the following.

Well thanks to someone on here im facing an investigation and possible dismissal.

Yes the images of the cinema were faked but the images on the screen are real.

Im first and foremost a massive DW fan and was so desperate to share what weve been working on

We recently had a screening event for DWM so i thought id try and deflect attention away from me and make it look like someone had photographed the event.

Sorry for defrauding you but im probably gonna get fired now so *beep* it

Fool me once…?

A more dependable source for anything Who-y would be John Hurt, seeing as he's actually in the show and all. Hurt will be appearing in the upcoming 50th anniversary episode, and he told EDP24 something about his role.

Something I expect the BBC wanted to be kept secret:

Mr Hurt, who lives near Cromer, earlier told the EDP he had just finished shooting a Dr Who 3D special in which he plays "part of the Doctor" in a "kind of trinity" which includes David Tennant.

Well, that seems to back up the previous post about Hurt that Rich ran, and actually chimes with the idea of surplus regenerations that the IMDB poster was trying to sell us on.

The Sun got in on the act, too, though I wonder how much of it they're just making up:

John will play the real Ninth Doctor. Christopher Eccleston has always been thought of as the Ninth Doctor but now that John has been revealed as the Ninth Doctor, it shuffles Eccleston's Doctor to be the Tenth Time Lord, Tennant the 11th and Smith the 12th. It also means the Doctor's time is running out as he can only regenerate 12 times…

The reason the Doctor has forgotten his ninth incarnation will become clear but it's to do with the Time War and his shame over his behaviour in it. Tennant and Smith's Doctors will at first refuse to accept Hurt is them — until their sonic screwdrivers confirm it and announce, 'He's us. He's the ninth us'.

Well, okay, maybe.

After tonight's episode, Neil Gaiman's A Nightmare in Silver, has screened, the BBC will be making a new prologue available on the BBC red button. We'll make sure it's here at Bleeding Cool too.

My expectation is that this prologue will be Clarence and the Whisperman, which has also been classified by the BBFC for inclusion on the eventual DVD and Blu-ray release of this series.

Clarence, as played by Michael Jenn is on the cast list for The Name of the Doctor. I'd be very surprised if he isn't another incarnation of Clara.

I'll put the full Name of the Doctor cast list below, after this excerpt from The Radio Times' review. And that, I think, will be our lot for now. But it is Saturday, so it's Who day. Expect more later.

The Time Lord's identity is certainly key to this momentous story, which — in a clever way that will have fans rewinding their recordings — takes in his whole story from Gallifrey to the end of days on Trenzalore.

There's a funereal air as the Great Intelligence and his undertaker-like Whisper Men intrude upon a bizarre conference call across the centuries between the Doctor's closest allies: Vastra, Jenny, Strax, Clara and River Song. For some of our heroes, life will never be the same again, in one of the most audacious and emotional episodes to date.

  • The Doctor – Matt Smith
  • Clara – Jenna-Louise Coleman
  • River Song – Alex Kingston
  • Dr Simeon – Richard E Grant
  • Madame Vastra – Neve McIntosh
  • Jenny – Catrin Stewart
  • Strax – Dan Starkey
  • Angie – Eve De Leon Allen
  • Artie – Kassius Carey Johnson
  • Andro – Nasi Voutsas
  • Fabian – David Avery
  • Clarence – Michael Jenn
  • Archie – Rab Affleck
  • Messenger boy – Samuel Irvine
  • Young Clara – Sophie Downham
  • Whisper Man – Paul Kasey