Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi Says Smarter Hulk Is Under Consideration

It seems a smarter Hulk may make an appearance when he and Thor team up in Thor: Ragnarok next year.

HitFix reports director Taika Waititi and Marvel are discussing the emergence of the smarter — possibly even verbal — Hulk, with Waititi saying "at the moment, there's a big conversation that's happening about how far to push that."

Part of the discussion is how the Hulk's intelligence will play out over the course of Ragnarok and the two-part Avengers: Infinity War. Late last week, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo said the storyline for Bruce Banner and his alter-ego would be epic. "We've worked a really interesting arc into Thor 3, Avengers 3 and 4 for Banner that I think will – when it's all added up – will feel like a Hulk movie, a standalone movie," he explained.

"I think a lot of those decisions are larger group decisions, rather than anything to do with just me or the writer," Waititi continued. "They have a lot of stuff that they have to consider. But I do think that's the best way to track it. I think we all want that. I think we all want to see that development and the evolution of that character. I also think you can do it in a fun way."

And though Hulk seems to be getting a lot of attention at the moment, Waititi clarified that the movie will still feature Thor front and center. "My focus really is making sure that Thor is the best character," he said.

Thor: Ragnarok debuts on November 3rd, 2017.