Thoughts On Fear The Walking Dead – Season Two, Episode Three

ftwds2e3Rob Bradfield writes …

The title of last night's episode of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead, "Ouroboros," refers to a symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail and most commonly represents a cycle beginning anew after its end. How does it relate to the events in episode three? It's hard to tell.

Perhaps it refers to the ongoing conflict between Madison and Strand in the season thus far. Still the clear frontrunner for "Most Likely to Compromise the Group's Safety," Madison doesn't seem to understand that the Abigail is not stopping to pick up more survivors even though Strand has maintained a very clear and consistent party line in both word and deed. Still, much like a child who sees pet potential in every stray animal on the street, she keeps doing the same thing while expecting different results – the textbook definition of insanity. Perhaps Strand literally cutting her new rescues loose in this episode will finally drive that point home.

When you think about it, Madison's heart may be in the right place, but she doesn't see that this particular pattern of behavior is cruel, albeit unintentionally so:

"Come with us. We can save you. My group has a boat. A luxury yacht, in fact!"

"That sounds great! Bless you!!!"

"Oh! And the captain will probably throw you off as soon as you set foot on the deck. He always does it, but I think he's starting to see things my way and I have a good feeling about you."

However, the Abigail will stop for zombie limbs clogging the water pump and filtration system. Walkers may be dangerous, but floaters are both lethal and annoying. The season's logline/theme, "No Safe Harbor," continues with Daniel, Nick, Alycia, and Chris going ashore to scavenge the remains of a plane crash while Travis becomes the ship's "Floato-Rooter" repairman by not only donning a scuba rig and dislodging the waterlogged walker, but removing its hand from the pipeline.

Fans of both The Walking Dead and FTWD are sure to recognize the crashed plane as the doomed flight from Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462. Unlike other official Walking Dead shorts – which can be viewed on the AMC website – Flight 462 was broken down into minute-long shorts and aired during commercial breaks throughout FTWD's inaugural run and this past season of the parent show. It was nice to see that the webisodes' protagonists, Charlie (Michelle Ang) and Jake (Brendan Myer), survived the crash, but Strand's refusal to accept them on his ship may have been as cruel to the audience as it was to the characters.

Pirates continue to be a looming threat, but little more. We still don't know if they are a legitimate threat, like Negan's gang in season six of TWD, or more like the biker gang from season two – a threat that is alluded to, but never really materializes.