Three Featurettes For Only God Forgives Give Us An Insight Into Refn's Process

Only God Forgives Nicolas Winding Refn

Nicolas Winding Refn's latest dark and twisted fantasy reaches American shores on the 19th of July and the UK on the 2nd of August, so there's still plenty of time for you to be convinced to see it it you haven't been already.

I certainly wouldn't sway anyone from seeing a film and making up their own mind…

…but I also won't be rushing to recommend Only God Forgives to anyone either. I saw the film earlier this year in Cannes and whilst it wasn't as bad as the Jerry Lewis film I saw there it was probably the weakest film playing in competition.

Three new featurettes, which I first saw at Twitch, were filmed prior to Refn shooting Only God Forgives and it's interesting to see what his initial intentions were. Especially as some of them seem to differ from the finished film.


Refn gets confused if he doesn't shoot in chronological order? Okay…


One thing that is quite striking about Only God Forgives is how little sense of location you actually get. A significant amount of the scenes are interiors and many of them look almost like they were shot on a stage. There's an artificiality to them that definitely seems like a deliberate stylistic choice, but it can be incredibly distancing at times.


Only God Forgives isn't a film that features a great deal of sequences of fighting but it is a very violent film.

If you've never seen Ong Bak, the film that the fighter mentions in the above clip, you really should. It's fantastic.