Tim Miller Confirms Colossus' Russian Accent And Heritage

colossusLast month, actor Andre Tricoteux was somewhat evasive when asked if the Colossus presented in the upcoming Deadpool was going to be Russian. While saying the character would be truer to the comics, he could not directly answer whether or not that extended to his accent.

During their visit to the set, Screen Rant asked director Tim Miller if Colossus would be Russian in voice and background. He confirmed it would be the case and expressed confusion that the character had been altered in previous X-Men films. "Those are the kinds of things that I think as a fan," he said. "Nothing against the movies that were made before but I feel like if there's not a real reason to change those sorts of things then you should stay true to the comics as much as you can."

They also received confirmation from VFX Supervisor Jonathan Rothbart, who said, "Oh yeah, he's comic book Colossus so he'll definitely be Russian."

Miller said the character represents the X-Men world Deadpool could be part of, but he has "deliberately chosen" not to be involved.

Deadpool opens on February 12th, 2016.