Toby Jones Busts Melons In A Very Brief Trailer For The Inventive Horror Film, Berberian Sound Studio

Reputedly a rather paranoid and tense horror picture, Berberian Sound Studio comes from Peter Strickland, the unwaveringly confident director of Katalin Varga. I'll be seeing it at Frightfest and, to be honest, I'm already rather excited by the potential.

Set in a 1970s Italian sound studio where the foley work for a giallo (think: Dario Argento) is being completed, it stars Toby Jones as a man out of his depth. Perfect casting, it would seem.

From the few brief clips in this pre-trailer trailer, the film appears to be exactingly styled in a way that evokes the Giallo genre as much as the still, measured approach of Strickland's first film.

Didn't last long, did it? Well, there's more. Here's a clip from the film.

Blow Out meats Deep Red, filtered through a more oblique, art house sensibility? Maybe so. I'll be reporting back after the Fest – though you may wish to simply buy yourself a ticket for the screening when they go on sale come July 28th.

And the full trailer should be along soon, after its weekend outing at the Curzons.