Todd McFarlane Promises A Dark Spawn Movie … Again


It's been a little while since Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has spoken about the long-in-development Spawn reboot film. But he has recently reiterated that the film is on the way and will be darker than the 1997 film.

In a clip from an upcoming episode of AMC's Geeking Out (posted by, McFarlane said the film will is in active development. "The world's going to be real, except for one thing that's going to move," he said of the project. "You're never going to see a dude in a rubber suit….This is going to be my Jaws shark."

Of course, McFarlane has been saying the same thing — or words to the same effect — since 2007 when he told a caller to the Scott Ferrall Sirius Radio show that "It's coming out no matter what. Even if I have to produce, direct and finance it myself, it's going to come out." Around the same time, he also began to envision a film centered on detectives Sam and Twitch with Spawn as an unknowable horror creeping in the shadows.

In 2009, McFarlane announced he was working on the script, according to a Coming Soon article published at the time. "The movie idea is neither a recap or continuation," he said. "It is a standalone story that will be R-rated. Creepy and scary."

Of course, his plans may have been delayed by the prolonged legal feud with Neil Gaiman, which was finally resolved in 2012.

In January 2015, McFarlane told that he hoped to be done with the script soon, but had to squeeze it in between work and family commitments. In February of this year, he told the site that he was in the process of editing down the 183-page screenplay into a more manageable length with the intention of directing it himself.

But will the film ever materialize? I'm sure it will someday. Maybe not on McFarlane's timetable, though.