Tom Cruise (Not) In Talks For The Mummy(?) UPDATED

Tom_CruiseVariety reports that actor Tom Cruise is in talks to star in Universal's reboot of The Mummy, anchoring the studio's long planned attempt to turn its stable of horror monsters into an Avengers-style shared universe.

The project, directed by Star Trek reboot co-writer Alex Kurtzman, will be set in the present day. It is unclear if Cruise will be the titular Mummy or a human protagonist seeking to stop the undead prince of Egypt. Earlier reports also indicated the title role may be tailored for a woman.

The original Mummy series began in 1932, starring Boris Karloff a character very loosely based on the historic Imhotep, an Egyptian chancellor, priest, architect and physician whose contributions to society saw him elevated to divinity after his death. Universal previously rebooted the series as a campier action/adventure trilogy starring Brendan Fraser as a hapless adventurer facing ancient entombed threats.

The Mummy will arrive in theaters on March 24th, 2017.

UPDATE: According to Deadline, talks are not happening between Universal and Cruise. The actor is shooting back-to-back on Jack Reacher and Mission: Impossible sequels.