Trailer And Poster For The Japanese Remake Of Love Actually

Comedy doesn't always travel particularly well but Love Actually certainly seemed to buck this trend in Japan, where it took over $14 million when it was originally released. To provide some context for that figure Iron Man didn't even come close to reaching that figure in Japan five years later.

There are obviously a number of other factors that come in to play but it's interesting to see an example of a comedy that does well abroad, especially when Hollywood is currently heavily focusing on cracking other markets with action blockbusters and little else.

Love Actually was popular enough in Japan for Warner Brothers that they are confident enough to make a localised version of the film for Japanese audiences.

The first trailer for this remake –  which is titled Subete wa Kimi ni Aeta kara – has just been posted online and you can watch it below.

There are number of moments that feel very much in keeping with the original but in transposing the story to another country changes have been made to ensure it's culturally specific. The film was also made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tokyo Station, so a lot of the action revolves around the station and trains it would seem.


And here is the poster for Subete wa Kimi ni Aeta kara, alongside the original poster for Love Actually. It would appear that the marketing for the remake is less reliant on big names than the original was. Presumably Japanese audiences' familiarity with the original will be enough to get them into the cinema.

Love Actually Japanese Remake PosterLove Actually Poster









Subete wa Kimi ni Aeta kara is out in Japanese cinemas on the 22nd of November.