Trailer For Manga Adaptation Arcana Features Criminal Investigations, Ghosts And An Upbeat Pop Song

The official website for Yoshitaka Yamaguchi's live-action adaptation of the manga Arcana has just been updated with a new trailer and whilst it looks somewhat derivative in content it's also looks rather imaginative in style.

The update to the website was spotted by Nippon Cinema, who also reposted the trailer.


That song does seem to come out of nowhere doesn't it? It's an odd trend in Japanese trailers but it's one that seems to have stuck.

There are certainly familiar tropes from Japanese supernatural films and police procedurals on show there but the imagery suggests that they have been approached with some imagination by Yamaguchi.

Yamaguchi's previous work has been with director Takashi Miike – shooting second unit on Yatterman and Miike's Masters of Horror segment Imprint – and this film is actually his debut as director. It certainly seems to be swimming in the same water as some of Miike's work. MPD Psycho in particular comes to mind.

Arcana will be released in Japan in October.