Trailers For Andercon And Gemini Force One, Featuring Gerry Anderson Himself

The truth about Gemini Force One is to be revealed this Thursday at 9am. I previously believed it to be a TV project, or at least online video, but SciFi Now are calling it a "book series."

Here's the first trailer, featuring the late, great Gerry Anderson and… not a lot else. Still, as they say, the wait is almost over.


There's a level on which I found that quite upsetting.

A little further down the line is the Gerry Anderson convention, Andercon. That too has a trailer, which you can see at the foot of the post. It's going to span the weekend of 19th and 20th April next year. Here's some of what they're promising:

You'll have the chance to meet the actors behind the voices of your favourite characters together with the stars of Gerry's live action shows. Writers, directors and production crew will also be on hand to tell the story of some of televisions most exciting shows!

We will also be celebrating the fans of the show, the collectors, prop builders and Fanderson – the official Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society, together with displays of never before seen production art…

It's all happening at Heathrow Airport, of all places. It's appropriate in a sense, though, as the first episode of Thunderbirds was set right there.

You can register now for the 48 hour prebooking window, ahead of public ticket sales. One or other of those sale dates will be October 1st – it really isn't clear which – and the tickets will cost £45 a pop.