Twin Peaks Blu-Ray Set Is On Its Way And It Will Probably Include Fire Walk WIth Me

Back in May Digital Bits brought the news that CBS were working on a Blu-ray release of the Twin Peaks TV series and now they have an update.

CBS have apparently secured the rights to also release Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me as part of the set, allowing fans of the series to own the complete set for the first time. And on Blu-ray.

My reaction to the news was something along these lines,


The DVD release of Twin Peaks was a damn fine set and the discs were an incredible improvement over the awful VHS releases that preceded them, but the Blu-ray set could be another leap forward in terms of quality.

The HD masters were created, I believe, for the DVD releases and I understand that these were what was also then used for the Netflix library and the "1080p" versions on iTunes. The Blu-ray versions will presumably use these existing transfers which certainly seem to be of a high standard.

According to Digital Bits we should expect the box-set some time late this year or early next. I can't wait.