Uwe Boll Wants Your Money To Help Him Make A Sequel To "The Best Movie Of All Time"

Uwe Boll wants to make a sequel to his 2007 action comedy Postal but he can't seem to get it financed. So he's turned to Kickstarter to get Postal 2 made.

He needs to raise $500 000 in order to start shooting and he's willing to offer credits and even a speaking part in the film to those who donate.

I really find Boll so hard to get a handle on, particularly understanding when he's joking and when he's being serious. On his Kickstarter page he's posted two videos, the first of which features him talking about how Postal is the "best movie of all time" and about how a number of political issues need to be addressed – mostly conspiracy theories it would seem. It looks like a joke, and I'm sure it is.

He's then posted second video with "Seriously…" written above it and in which he describes it as a more "serious message". The problem is he still sounds a bit crazy and somewhat delusional. I always find it very strange when someone talks about themselves in the third person too.


Uwe Boll's Postal 2 Kickstarter ends on the 27th of October. I don't think I'll be donating, although the opportunity to be an executive producer and have free access to the set, perhaps to point out where things may be going a little wrong, does sound very tempting.