VIDEO: Back To The Future Reunion, Bill Murray In His Ghostbusting Gear

The following clip comes from last night's Spike Awards. You'll see Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunited on stage, which is nice, and then Bill Murray will perform a little bit of a strip down. Only a little bit, mind, because he ends up in full Ghostbusting overalls, proton pack and all. Sexy.

I posted an image of Murray from this event he other day. It appears to have provoked a series of rather ageist comments across the web and, sadly, it seems to me many people's unconsidered assumptions were that big movies need to be about young people, or at least young-ish people running around and showing their asses in the way that actually young people do. Surely actors and characters the age of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson et al are perfectly suitable for movie lead roles?

There's some young characters in the mix for the Ghostbusters 3 that Sony have in development, but I for one am grateful that there's also space left for the older guys – and hopefully older gals – too. Genre films and tentpoles don't have to be just about and for the young. That's a disgusting idea.