VIDEO: Guillermo Del Toro Has Turned Toronto Into His Giant-Monster Plagued Tokyo

As production on Pacific Rim comes closer to wrapping, Guillermo Del Toro has headed out of the studio and onto the streets of Toronto to shoot some scenes set in a future Tokyo.

This video from CBC News will give you a good look at the redressed buildings and some signs of destruction. There's no Kaiju to be seen, of course, but that's why we've all been blessed with an imagination.

Okay, not all of us. Borrow a bit of mine. Can't you just see the giant, roaring… man in a latex suit?

Thankfully Guillermo Del Toro won't be adhering to my low-budget imaginings. I can't wait for him to blow my mind with the film next summer.

Seems to be some confusion regarding the name of the film. I guess Silent Seas and Still Seas are the production names, designed to help keep the shoot anonymous. Or at least one of them, and the other is just a spud-up by CBC.

Thanks to Coming Soon for the heads up on the vid.