Video: James Cameron On "The Great Solutions" Of Titanic 3D

I've been curious about the Blu-ray 3D version of Titanic for months now, very keen to get my hands on a copy I can keep and to take a long, pause-and-rewind look at how James Cameron has added depth to the film.

But, as with the theatrical release earlier in the year, the 3D Blu-ray also adds height. Opening up the Super 35mm frame from the Cinemascope of the original release, Cameron has created a new 1.78:1 format for the picture. It's impressive that the compositions still look completely comfortable from start to end.

I particularly wanted to speak to Cameron about this new format for the film, but he's… well, he's James Cameron, and part of that is being a very busy man. So, while we had a chat in the spring, I ran out of time before asking all of my questions, and we certainly didn't get around to digging deep into the home entertainment release.

What Fox could get for me were these clips, in which Cameron talks a little about some of the ideas I wanted to discuss. I found them very interesting, and I hope you will do too.

Titanic is released for the first time ever on Blu-ray & Blu-ray 3D on 10th September, which is next Monday. And then on it's released on Tuesday in the US.

I'll be studying it closely.