VIDEO: Keanu Reeves' Motion-Control Kung Fu Demo For Man Of Tai Chi

Currently filming in Hing Kong, Man of Tai Chi is to be the directorial debut of Keanu Reeves. The film is, as the title suggests, going to feature quite a lot of martial arts, and Reeves, as his job title suggests, is wanting to capture it for the screen with some style and efficacy.

The solution, he believes, is the Incorporated Bot and Dolly, a motion control camera that can be programmed to produce the same moves over and over again. Here's a video demonstrating the system, and also the kung fu.

Thanks to Twitch for the embed.

Now, I'm interested in seeing what Reeves can do with this camera, and I hope he resists the temptation to swirl it around just because it's easy. What he has here is the potential to pull of smooth variations of otherwise tricky, and stuttering camera moves. That doesn't have to equate to dragging the audience around by the nose.

The best movie fight choreography doesn't stop at the combatants, it extends to the camera too, and typically requires the camera to be the quieter, more cautious one. I imagine Reeves film will likely require the same.

Footnote: The Bot and Dolly made an on screen appearance in this Halo commercial.