Video: Red Fraggle And Mokey Fraggle Reunited At Dragoncon

Lately, Karen Prell's day-to-day has seen her employed as an animator at Pixar. Kathryn Mullen, meanwhile, has collaborated on a film called The Story of the Little Carpet boy, intended to educate children in Afghanistan about the dangers of landmines.

Thirty years ago, however, they were chiefly employed as assistants to Red and Mokey Fraggle.

All four were re-united at Dragoncon this weekend and Bill Meeks caught it on camera just for us. You know, I'm grateful but I'm also insanely jealous.

Oh, yes – I should point out that the gentleman to the right of frame is Mullen's husband, Michael Frith, sometime creative director at Jim Henson Productions, author, illustrator and all-round awe-inspirer.


Happy thirtieth birthday, Fraggle Rock. You're as fresh and tasty as ever.