VIDEO: The Simpsons Go All Puppety With Katy Perry

Tonight's the night for The Simpsons' Christmas episode, and it's the one with the live-action segment in which the characters are puppets and Katy Perry turns up in the sort of dress that she and the media have conspired to use as a proxy for her actual personality.

Moe being Katy Perry's boyfriend is slightly less confusing to me than Russell Brand being her husband. I just can't imagine what they talk about or how they relate. I guess the Ms. Perry publicity machine has been too successful in creating a public persona that's 60% breast and I just don't know what she's about at all, behind the Dress-Me-Up Dolly facade. Her early output (U R So Gay and I Kissed a Girl) had me peg her as a monstrous conservative wingnut, but maybe she was just looking for publicity at any cost?

I can solve one mystery, though, as Entertainment Weekly have offered up an explanation from producer Al Jean as to why the Simpsons characters have gone live-action:

Maggie has a Muppet-type DVD that no one will let her watch, so she has this puppet dream with the Simpsons, and Katy Perry shows up the way Elton John would on The Muppet Show,

My extreme weakness for puppets, and a vestigial fondness for The Simpsons, makes this episode rather appealing to me. While it airs in the US tonight there's no announced date for the UK as yet. This side of Xmas though, I'd suppose.