Video: What If Toy Story 3 Had The Cruellest, Saddest Ending?

If you've seen Toy Story 3, you know that it goes to some pretty bleak places. But what if it stayed there? What if the film went down into the depths, to the very brink of absolute despair… and then faded to sad, off-key end titles?

Well, in this video you'll see what happened when YouTuber Justin Walin recut the film and showed the new, extremely tragic version to his mother.

The peak is at 2.30-3.00, but you may also want to see the last minute of the clip.

There's any number of these re-edits possible, I think. Lots of films go down in the dip before pulling up. Perhaps some of them would seem to have more closure than this truncated Toy Story 3 too. Any ideas?

Thanks to io9 for the tip-off.