Was The Sherlock One-Off Special Planned For This Christmas?

mast-Sherlock-Benedict-Martin-COVE-hiresIt's been suggested to me a few times now that the next episode of Sherlock will air this Christmas. It was first suggested just before the third season started airing.

Then when the final episode, His Last Vow, played out I thought I could see clues in the events on screen to back the stories up. I even tweeted about this at the time.

The episode ends on Christmas day with business to still be taken care of. The next episode, I supposed, could pick up at the same time, giving us a Christmas episode at Christmas.

And where better place to put a one-off special of a British TV show than at Christmas. They're all it, and Steven Moffat clearly has form.

So after Martin Freeman started slipping this and that about a possible Sherlock one-off, I went back to the a couple of the people who mentioned the Christmas plans to me in the first place.

They didn't know anything new, I'm afraid, but they did give me the go ahead to share this much.

So, was the Sherlock special planned for Christmas? And do Freeman's comments about not know when it will actually take place suggest that, maybe, it no longer is?