Watch: Full Mini-Documentary About The Evil Dead And Its Reboot With Cast And Crew

It's very kind of Studio Canal to allow me to present the following in its entirety. Here's a short documentary featurette about the new Evil Dead, its roots in the original, and Sam Raimi's long-time desire for a remake. They also address the importance of not having an Ash character in the new film.


Interesting that they kept calling it a remake. I've come to the personal conclusion that it's a sequel, but I could have settled on reboot.

Evil Dead will be released on UK DVD and Blu-ray on August 12th, which is next Monday. The above is one of the five featurettes on the disc, which also feature a commentary track. And then Sainsbury's will be releasing a version with an exclusive second disc, adding two more interviews and a Q&A from Britxon's Ritzy cinema.