Weekend Viewing: English Subtitled Trailer For Takashi Miike's High Stakes Thriller Shield Of Straw

I saw Takashi Miike's Shield of Straw earlier this year at Cannes and I had a hell of good time watching it. At the time I said,

Miike shoots the film like he's attempting to outdo every scene that has preceded it in terms of stakes and drama and with a clichéd and far too bombastic score from Koji Endo the film almost teeters on the precipice of appearing like a parody of a Tony Scott film. Miike, operating on a propulsive script from Tamio Hayashi, manages to reign it in just enough though. Explosive truck flips, shootouts and frantic editing are the order of the day though and all on a larger canvas than Miike is generally free to paint on.

An English subtitled trailer for the film has now been posted online and it gives a good sense of quite how melodramatic and thrilling the film often is.


Shield of Straw was released in Japan earlier this year and is out on DVD/Blu-ray there in September. There's no word yet on a US or UK release but I'd be very surprised if it doesn't get one soon. It's by far Miike's most accessible film to date and a cracking thrill ride.