Weinsteins E-Mail Out An Apollo 18 Poster Though The Film Hasn't Been Shot Yet

I'm a subscriber to the Weinstein Co.'s quasi-spam e-mail that thrusts itself upon my inbox every time there's a new bit of Bob and Harvey infused PR to be hammered home. The latest message has arrived, a few minutes back, and beyond all of the been-there, seen-that Scream 4 business, it also contains a poster for the found-footage moon monster film, Apollo 18.

Here is that poster.

In case you couldn't guess, the film portrays what "really" happened to the Apollo 18 mission – it wasn't cancelled, as The Man will tell you, but we did in fact go back to the moon… and found a very good reason to never return again. A very good reason with a similar sized footprint to that of an astronaut's boot, but probably a lot more teeth.

Recently, the film has swapped directors and Gonzalez Lopez-Gallego has taken the baton from Trevor Caewood. Even if the film has started shooting since the hand-off, I'd be very surprised to hear that it had finished. On the other hand, there's five months until release, and for a found-footage film of this kind, that could well prove ample time.