Weinsteins To Finally Produce Long-Promised Remakes Of Chinese Classics – Is Tarantino Still Set To Direct?

When a remake of King Hu's Come Drink With Me was first announced, the best part of a decade ago, it was said that Quentin Tarantino was going to write and direct the film. Of course, it didn't happen. Not then, anyhow.

But now?

Well, The Weinsteins have been telling the trades that they're pushing on with that remake, as well as a do-over for another Shaw Bros. pic, Avenging Eagle.

John Fusco is writing both of the films, and it seems like a long shot that Tarantino might direct somebody else's script, but… well, there aren't any directors named, and he was the last one attached, so…

Yeah. Almost certainly not.

Here are trailers for the original films from the YouTube channel of Celestial Pictures, co-producers of the remakes. It's not yet clear if the remakes will keep the period setting, or indeed any of specifics.



I'm not sure why the Weinsteins want to fuss with Asian cinema so much. They seem to like hoarding it, bastardising it and shelving it – not the actions of folk who you might otherwise, from the energies they spend on it, assume to love it.