What Trent Reznor Wants You To Pretend You Don't Know

Just to make Uncle Trent happy, I'm going to label this entire story as a SPOILER. So… go away. Go read about Wonder Woman's hair or something.

Right. The 99.99% of you who are still here, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

Last week, we heard that Trent Reznor was not only going to provide some music for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but that he'd also turn up in a little cameo.

Reznor has now taken to the Nine Inch Nails forum and offer some clarification (more like corroboration):

I am friends with Timur Bekmambetov. He's an interesting and very talented director that caught my attention with his film Night Watch (check it out if you haven't). He asked me if I was interested in scoring his new film he's doing with Tim Burton entitled Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

I was familiar with the book, read the script and it felt like an interesting challenge as a composer – very different from the Fincher films. While discussing the film with Timur he started gently pressing me to play a small role in the film. The idea was a cameo-esque role that would be kept under wraps and be a surprise around opening night.

I was considering this when I awoke a few days ago to the news I am now STARRING in ALVH (which is obviously not true). Fuck. We both apparently forgot the internet existed AND THERE ARE NO SURPRISES anymore.
So… do me a favor and act surprised, OK?

Now, I'm off to the bedroom to do some of my best surprised faces in front of the mirror.