When Bleeding Cool Met Ian McShane – Talking About Cuban Fury And Pirates Of The Caribbean 5

Out today in the UK is Cuban Fury. I almost called it Nick Frost's Cuban Fury, and I suppose it is – the original idea was Frost's and, as the bona fide, top-line star, the film revolves pretty much entirely around him.

But the supporting cast is fantastic too, from Rory Kinnear through Rashida Jones and Olivia Williams through Chris O'Dowd. And, though he might have done a little more dancing for my tastes, I particularly enjoyed Ian McShane.

Here's what happened when I sat down with McShane to discuss the film and Pirates of the Caribbean 5. I know for sure that at there are, or at least have been, plans to bring McShane back for the film, so I asked him about that and… well, you'll see. But I don't think, listening to the fullness of his comments, that he's entirely convinced the film is going to happen at all.


Thanks again to Ian for taking the time to talk to me. Cuban Fury is in UK cinemas now and I enjoyed it a great deal.