A Whole Heap Of Clips From LOL

Rather confusingly, all of these clips from LOL seem to be referring to Miley Cyrus as though she's a character in the film. I guess she's a popular YouTube search term.

Just check these titles out:

Miley Cyrus's After Party Effects – 'LOL'

Miley Cyrus's Secret Revealed – 'LOL'

Miley Cyrus Meets Up A Guy At The School Yard 'LOL'

Miley Cyrus On A Holiday To Paris 'LOL'

Miley Cyrus's Mom On A Spa Weekend – 'LOL'

Even more befuddling is that Demi Moore, who is playing Demi Moore's mom, doesn't have her name used. I assumed she'd be a pretty big search term too, especially after… recent events.

Anyway, here are the clips. Check out the Paris one for a French language version of Alright by Supergrass.

LOL? Not so much.

The film is Liza Asuelos' remake of her own 2008 French language picture… LOL. I guess the acronym travelled.